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Marion Winik has been writing about parenthood for twenty years — you may have heard her stories on All Things Considered, read her columns in Ladies Home Journal, or seen her articles in magazines like Parenting, Parents, Mothering, Fit Pregnancy, or Child, to name just a few.

She’s the author of six books on parenting.

The time I spent with Marion was fun and informative – she’s straight to the point and even a little funny!

Next month we’ll be chatting with Hal Runkel of “Scream Free Parenting.”

Hal’s long list of media appearances include NBC’s “The Today Show” and many others.

I know you’re gonna love what Hal has to share with you!

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Having Fun Raising Kids

The greater part of the individuals imagine that they can never again have some good times once they have kids. In any case, it isn’t valid. Indeed, your long stretches of having drinks at the neighborhood club, going to shows and spending time with companions into the early morning times are gone however there are better and progressively useful approaches to have some good times as a family.

Raising kids can positively be substantially more enjoyment than increasingly grown-up exercises. This supportive child rearing guidance will demonstrate to you that the enjoyment is simply starting once you begin raising kids.

Adoring Those Littles

You should change your recess and fun exercises to concur with the suitable youngster improvement stages. Young youngsters truly appreciate lying on the floor and playing with Hot Wheels vehicles or Barbie dolls. By the way these toys are all available through Amazon SEO services at

The parent should recall when the person thought this was the best thing beside cut bread and bounce into the good times. Get down on the floor and play like a child. This is one of the tips for guardians while they bring up kids.

Be Inventive

Raising kids today can be troublesome in light of the fact that they are pulled in and appended to innovation since the beginning. Setting aside the effort to be imaginative with regards to recess is perhaps the best tip for guardians. Youthful ones in early youngster advancement stages may utilize their minds to reproduce a basic fridge confine to a teddy bear home or building site for Tonka trucks.

Recall your adolescence and remember it, positively with your kids. Child rearing kid can assist you with harnessing your internal identity and appreciate playing again while reinforcing the youngster parent relationship.

Adopt the thought process of a Kid

There is definitely not a solitary individual who didn’t claim to be an entertainer or move around their room professing to be a demigod. Individuals of any age love to swagger their stuff and hotshot. Raising kids offers you the chance to look senseless and sound horrible however have an awesome time doing it. You can turn on the radio (G evaluated music please) and move and chime in with the music.

Kids of any age love to do this and on the off chance that you really have a karaoke machine, that is far superior. Basically letting free and having a fabulous time is one of the better tips for guardians. The kids will consistently recollect daddy moving in the family room or mama singing a tune from a Disney film. Not exclusively are you making fun however you are making recollections that will endure forever.

Get Your Game On

Table games have been mainstream for many, many years and with the innovation of today, very many individuals raising kids would prefer to hand the youngsters their mobile phones to play with than set aside the effort to play together. Stop the mobile phones, computer games and iPods and return to essential. Pick a game that is fitting for the youngster advancement phases of your kids, snatch some yummy bites and plunk down as a family to play a tabletop game.

Many guardians put forth a valiant effort to either permit the kids to win or are serious to such an extent that they make the game a victory. This will frustrate the kids. It’s best to pick chance games, for example, Chutes and Ladders, Candyland or Yahtzee. It isn’t reasonable for anticipate that a kid should get an opportunity at winning if clever, information and experience is included. Follow the rules and mess around with your kids and you won’t pass up anything.

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