The Management of the Sleep Cycles

Did you know that sleep has not only advantages?

As in many behaviors and reflexes that toward us, balance is often required.

Food is intuitive examples coming back a lot and who advocates a diet rich but balanced. You have the right to eat anything, if the amounts are rationed and that you do not excess.

A recent study in the United States on more than a million-volunteer helped conclude that too much sleep is dangerous for health. This will maybe you surprise, but like all good things, it must be moderate and ensure a rational balance. Thus, this study shows that those who sleep more than eight hours a night was more likely to develop cancer than others who sleep less than eight hours a night.

sleep cycles

An optimal duration of each sleep

Stages of sleep: slow and paradoxical to recover physically and morally. The figures above are to be weighted with the sleep of each cycle. Every case is unique, and it fits each to measure what its optimal duration that satisfies him depending on its state in the morning.

According to the predilections of the scientists, a duration of between seven and eight hours per night seems to be the term most advocated. In order to know how long that is unique, feel the length that allows you to wake up healthy in the morning. And that fits what you no longer need to sleep during the day and perform short sleep naps for example.

When you realize this test, make sure to bed early as soon as your first signs of falling asleep.

Cycles of sleep punctuated by phases

When studying the course of sleep cycles, we see that they generally break down in the same way:

A period of calm which prepares falling asleep is a long step during which the individual calms down and prepares to fall asleep. In response to a lack of brightness, a mechanism of the body will secrete the hormone natural melatonin by the pineal gland in order to prepare the sleep cycles.

A sleep cycle that extends over a total of one hour and thirty minutes. This is structured it even in three successive stages:

A slow phase of sleep about one hour during which succeeds to a stage of sleep, a phase of light sleep, a third of deep sleep and one where sleep is even more profound.

A step of REM sleep for about 15 minutes during which the brain activity is very intense and usually causes eye movements. It is during this phase that dreams occur. And we live them as if everything was real. Over cycles throughout the night, this phase of REM sleep can stretch gradually.

The last intermediate sleep period is very short moments of micro awakenings where we recognize a few seconds. This step begins a new cycle and then late at night on the final morning of the person.

Phases that fluctuate overnight

Chronology of the cycles of sleep to wake up

Early in the night, there are studies that the phase of slow wave sleep is important. He officiates such a physical repair which helps athletes and people who practice sport seeking much body to recover well during this first stage.

It is not rare to see athletes who will recover the totality of what they will have spent by a sleep nap for an hour after training for three or four hours. This sleep durations tend to increase throughout the night as cycles are linked.

A sleep will produce positive and beneficial effects on the body from the moment where these cycles are linked together in a harmonious way without that the individual is disrupted during his sleep.

He has not yet found the optimal number of cycles that allow to recover optimally. And it will for everyone to find the optimal sleep length so that the latter is for him the most repair man.

It will take for some people than three cycles so that to wake with a tone and with high energy. This will involve many more cycles in other individuals.

You will probably need to go online to buy melatonin sleep remedy. Once you have your melatonin you can regulate more than just your sleep cycles. Make sure your internal clock works best and you put all the advantages on your side to settle at best your insomnia problems or sleep disorders.

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